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    • Baldessarini Nautic Spirit by Baldessarini

      by speedracer

      Pleasant, clean, and light dryer sheet/fabric softener scent great for casual/daytime wear. There's also some very nice, subtle fruity-sweetness. Would be great for office use as it is light, not abrasive or loud. I donít get anything nautical bu...More

    • 100 - 1914-2014 by E. Marinella

      by Darvant

      Piney/leathery/musky/citric perfection. No words to describe the beauty of this "immane" piece of italian sophistication. One of the veritable most sophisticated leather-based creations of the worldwide olfactory panorama. A melancholic cit...More

    • Timeless by Avon

      by Zealot Crusader

      I sort of wondered how something like this gets around so much when so many other Avon feminines from the period never left the decade in which they were created, but I think I finally understand why. There is some real appreciable wit in the creatio...More

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