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  • Ferrari Radiant Bergamot by Ferrari

    by speedracer

    Starts with sparkling Lemonheads candies. Reminds me of 4711 and Mugler Cologne with its sharp, clean green notes. Lots of green lemons. Later the drydown is a spicy musk very much like a traditional men's aftershave. The projection is below avera...More

  • Vanille Noire by Yves Rocher

    by Darvant

    A well calibrated synth woody vanilla with fruity accents (never overly sultry a la Bottega Verde Vaniglia Nera). Subtle, dry and close to skin. ...More

  • Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

    by Vmaster

    Being a child of the 80's, this brings back good memories. An unapologetic lightly sweetened non-hippy patchouli powerhouse of a fragrance that will not only beat you over the head, but will kick you for good measure as you're laying on the ground. ...More

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