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    • Spice Blend by Christian Dior

      by notspendingamillion

      Niche Spicebomb. Opens up with the same sweet bubblegum pink pepper as Spicebomb et all, which reminds me of the bubblegum mouth rinse fluoride from the 90s, or just the ambiance of a dentist office. Much lighter and airier than Spicebomb. Reall...More

    • Seoul 532-8 Sinsa Dong Gangnam-Gu by Zara

      by Redneck Perfumisto

      Chromey 'quatic citric blue Why you smell the way you do? Kinda right Kinda wrong Then the way you last too long Yes you're living here rent-free No you're not the one for me. Some address somewhere in Seoul Eau so hip, if that's the goal ...More

    • Monsieur de Givenchy II by Givenchy

      by rbaker

      In the opening and aquatic freshness is combines with a gentle orange blossom, and a twist of lemon provides a fresh vibe. Basil, parsley and a good thyme impression add a green herbal side, with a darker and richer green provided by the presence of...More

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