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    • Bijou Romantique by Etat Libre d'Orange

      by speedracer

      I gave this a wearing given that this might be considered unisex by some but I will have to agree with the feminine designation. At its heart, this is a powdery, sugar vanilla scent that’s just too soft for me to pull off. It’s actually a nice sc...More

    • Panthea by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

      by Sniffers

      Delightful...light and airy citrusy my nose , this has an incensy quality/ a citrus/flower incense stick...nice and natural white flower smell without that bubble gum effect...settles to a light and musky flower accented tobac...More

    • Aoud Violet by Mancera

      by speedracer

      Sweet, juicy opening with plenty of green/fresh violet notes. With the violet being so noticeable up front, my first though was that this is like a sweetened version of Fahrenheit. However, I think the better comparison is to Carven pour Homme, which...More

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