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    • Freesia by Demeter Fragrance Library

      by rbaker

      This being a Demeter product is does not come as a surprise that the sole note in it is - freesias! Nonetheless, this freesia is quite well done, very straightforward, naturally, but quite typical. Pleasantly sweet, never cloying or intrusive. ...More

    • Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

      by Zealot Crusader

      Calvin Klein joined the pack with the debut masculine Calvin (1981), but while that scent tread the emerging powerhouse style, it did so within the confines of what was then convention, and thus was forgotten. Collectors clamor over it, but it's func...More

    • HKG Hong Kong by The Scent of Departure

      by Sniffers

      Sweet and candy like...citrus and violet candy...some rose lurking in the background...fades fast...fruity scent for the younger crowd...move along , nothing to see here...goes to a skin scent in record over......More

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