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    • Samsara Shine by Guerlain

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      Smells a lot like the original at first. Then, red fruits kick in. Current or raspberry perhaps? I cannot distinguish. At least they aren't too awful sweet. Nice touch, they add... I get a hint of sweet orange later. Has a type of vanilla, cre...More

    • My Own Private Teahupo'o by A Lab on Fire

      by Primrose

      I was wanting a strong frangipani note and this filled the bill. A warm vanilla amber floral with lasting power. Not too big on the salty note, and this disappears in the first stage. I wish the name was shorter, but it garners compliments. ...More

    • Chameleon by Zoologist Perfumes

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      Buzzy - tickles-the-nose, fruity top notes. Fruit seems smashed up with spice and effervescence. Pink pepper stands out the most at first. The fizzy, sugary sweetness continues, with a kitchen-sink fragrance blend. Powdery wood-like accord follow...More

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