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    • Verdon by L'Occitane

      by Redneck Perfumisto

      You cannot fool moi, Acqua di Giò, despite your Excellent disguise!...More

    • Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

      by Constantine

      An average greeny woody male fragrance. Not that nice but also inoffensive. Perhaps may have a result with the right skin chemistry. The patchouli and geranium wafting around in the background undoes it for me. Fragrance: 3/5 Projection: 4/5 L...More

    • Zegna Intenso by Ermenegildo Zegna

      by Constantine

      Average citrus opening slightly effeminate mixed with pepper which then becomes the main note. Pepper , pepper, more pepper, gets up your nose pepper. Zegna think they can sell this like this and justify it with the moniker 'Intense?' Why not just s...More

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