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    • Dark Side of the Goddess by Anna Zworykina Perfumes

      by Darvant

      Aromatic notes, nutmeg and light resins joined in to a "flat" vegetal accord. Dark Side of the Goddess opens with an "O'driuesque" humid-culinary herbal blast exalting prevalently spicy bay, woodsy resins, herbal notes and myrtle-...More

    • Bergamote 22 by Le Labo

      by speedracer

      Similar to other fresh, green citrus scents in the style of 4711, Bergamote 22 opens up in that familiar way. I also get the musk in the opening which adds some nice depth to what I thought would be a one-dimensional fragrance. The drydown is less g...More

    • Ferrari Cedar Essence by Ferrari

      by Constantine

      This is a double thumbs down. After a mediocre fresh but jarring opening when you are thinking it could go either way in the dry down ie disaster or jackpot it takes a dive. Think lemon fresh windowlene sprayed on Ikea varnished cedar with potpourr...More

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