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    • Eau de Shalimar by Guerlain

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      This is a great flanker of the original. I don't get any orange on the top but, I do smell the bergamot and lime. Rose and jasmine in the middle - I smell those, also. the rose, in particular stands out. I think the citrus at the beginning and th...More

    • Geir by Geir Ness

      by Sniffers

      The more I wear and smell this, the more it grows on me...I liked it the first time I sampled it , but it just seems to get better the more I smell it...this strikes me as an all- season , all-purpose scent...perfect for the office, family gatherings...More

    • CB Musk by CB I Hate Perfume

      by Sniffers

      I had high hopes for this...I'm always on the lookout for good animalics to add to my wardrobe...well , this turned out to be rather dissapointing...there is a pretty awesome civety musk thing going on , but it's ruined by that funky semirotting fung...More

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