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    • Bois Exotique by Ava Luxe

      by MJW2157

      Really like this scent. A nice blend of sandalwood, benzoin, and spices. While the spices are definitely noticeable, they do not do not dominate the scent. Definitely a warm cozy scent, meant for winter days, sitting at home watching movies alone ...More

    • Déclaration Parfum by Cartier

      by Darvant

      A gorgeous classy formula (still here in its landmark figgy-cardamomish-hesperidic-waxy neo classic exotic subtleness) which is in the parfum-version slightly (minimally imo) re-modulated (namely reduced in aqueous/cardamomish/coniferous/spicy fresh...More

    • Maroc by Long Lost Perfume

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      I owned a bottle of this in the early 90's. I don't remember what it smelled like then. All I remember is, that I loved. I found a Charles Revson version bottle at a thrift store. I nearly fell on the floor when I saw it. Naturally, I scarfe...More

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