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  • Jubilation XXV by Amouage

    by HouseOfPhlegethon

    A pretty, little fragrance that goes totally unisex from my perspective. It whispers - never gets loud. Sweet and ambery at first. Musky, as in earth or freshly turned dirt. Honeyed, incense vibe. It has both an oriental and middle eastern flair...More

  • Les Compositions Parfumées : Chypre Silver by Lalique


    Beautiful underrated creation by Lalique. The opening has a very nice combination of citruses along with a note that I cannot identify but give them a nice lift, maybe aldehydes. The citrus combination last for 30 to 45 min on my skin followed by a ...More

  • Gosha Rubchinskiy by Comme des Garçons

    by rogalal

    At it's core, I think Gosha is actually a classic fougere, with lavender and violet leaf topped with lemony, toothpastey mint. The lavender is very shrill and metallic and tends to knock out my nose, leaving Gosha a bit frustrating to try to get to ...More

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