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    • Aoud Night by Montale

      by rbaker

      The triad that greets me form the outset are oud, bergamot and rose. The oud is restrained and freshened up a bit by the bergamot, whilst the rose is quite pleasant in emphasising the bloom and these and leafy and stem components. All three mix wel...More

    • Scent No. 17 - Civet Chypre by Cognoscenti

      by rogalal

      This is pretty much exactly as advertised: a bergamot-heavy green chypre over a civet musk base. It's like someone took the top of Diorella and put it over a Shalimar-inspired base. Does it work? Yes, basically, but probably not for everyone. I...More

    • Collection Grands Crus : Oud Wa Misk by Berdoues

      by rogalal

      This is quite good. It smells, as advertised, like oud and musk, but with a strong leathery character as well. The oud is quite westernized, smelling more like saffron than actual oud, while animalic musks, both clean and dirty, melt underneath. ...More

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