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    • Bracken Woman by Amouage

      by flathorn

      Shrill thin berry over green bracken backdrop, trying to be the bright spot illuminating the shadowed forest floor. These two accords don’t belong in the same woods. Don’t make an authentically wonderful spirit of place note, then plop a factory ...More

    • Collection Grands Crus : Somei Yoshino by Berdoues

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      A sweet, green accord that reminds me of a fruit. A note that borders on floral. It has a juicy, berry quality. Shiso is long-lasting here. When it does begin to fade, the jasmine appears albeit lightly. It's barely there. The patchouli is so d...More

    • Unforgettable by Revlon

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      Rich top notes with orange flower, freesia, and lily of the valley. Sweet, and very floral. It smells like the 90's - one of the best, of that decade. I don't know why this was ever discontinued, except for the fact that this DOES smell "date...More

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