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    • Nuit d'Issey Polaris by Issey Miyake

      by speedracer

      Spicy-warm vanilla, green cypress and slightly smokey oud. That's what I get from Polaris. It's soft and comforting like Nuit d'Issey but that's not the dominant feeling I get from Polaris. It’s more like mixing 40% original Nuit with 60% Interlud...More

    • Garden Lilies by Jo Malone London

      by rbaker

      The lily is present form the start, quite nicely done, bright, and with a green (sap) undertone that remains in the background. Later on an ylang-ylang arises that is quite lightweight, bright and without any creaminess or richness; it is a lean...More

    • Santa Subita by Technique Indiscrete

      by rogalal

      After a shock of mint quickly passes, this mostly reminds me of the smell of the cheap "mysore" sandalwood soap they sell at Indian groceries - that mix of sawdust sandalwood with sharp resins and funky musks. That's not a complaint - I lo...More

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