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  • Rose Rebelle Respawn by A Lab on Fire

    by Shycat

    This one is a chocolate rose to me. It's very slightly powdery, and I do so agree with minimal projection. I don't get any soap in the rose note, just a fair mix of carnation. Perhaps there was a bit of distraction with manicure concentration, but ...More

  • Santal Royal by Guerlain

    by speedracer

    Heavy medicinal oud+rose combo. Very familiar if you've smelled any Montale although this isn't quite as powerful, thankfully. However, it's no slouch, quite persistent. Drydown calms down and dries out, not as loud but pretty much the same scent if ...More

  • Niche : Oud by Armaf

    by speedracer

    Oily, woody vanilla scent that reminds me of Perry Ellis Oud : Black Vanilla Absolute without the rum and tobacco, the best parts. Seems best for cold weather as it is heavy/dense. I get above average projection and all day longevity....More

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