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    • Bracken Man by Amouage

      by Joeyjoey70

      Well this is rather nice... Not overbearing... Nice tart start into Cypress... I get hints of the other top notes but I get Cypress the most. I get cedar as well. It's a green tree type scent. Not off putting to my nose. It's is extremely pleasing. ...More

    • Every Storm A Serenade by Imaginary Authors

      by Alex Krycek

      I like how this wears. It reminds me of Polo Green if you sanded out the roughness and sprinkled in a bit of idiotic-happy dust. As you can see, I'm not very good at this....More

    • Live Your Dream by Anna Sui

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      A light, everyday floral. Top has "floral" notes, muguet, water lily; middle reveals jasmine and rose. The base is barely discernable. I only smell a hint of musk. Average offering. Not a thriller....More

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