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    • Prada Candy Night by Prada

      by babsbendix

      I find this one to be charming and a little quirky. If your reference for a gourmand is Angel (I wear Muse on occasion) Candy Night is very, very airy and dry by comparison. I am taken with its melding of a modern sweet frag with the powdery iris ...More

    • Winter Palace by Memo

      by speedracer

      Wife said this reminded her of a spa smell which is probably the tea/mate. I think it has a citrusy, candy sweet (think Sweet tarts) opening that becomes more powdery into the drydown, which is also more subdued on the sweetness. By the end of it, yo...More

    • Joop! Homme by Joop!

      by Reventon

      Sorry for the verbosity. This ended up being more impactful on me than I expected. Unusually for someone born in the early 80s, I never got much exposure to this scent, because it just wasn't my dad's deal. Mum would occasionally splurge to get d...More

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