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    • Basenotes Kiss My Ass by O'Driù

      by Vmaster

      I purchased a sample of this and I am really enjoying it. Aside from the title's hilarious play on words, this fragrance has no base notes. At all. Only Heart and Top notes are in this fragrance. When wearing it, I detect green herbs as well ...More

    • Devilscent #2: The Main Act by Olympic Orchids

      by Vmaster

      A smokey, anamalic and sexy, sweet cinnamon fragrance that is great for wearing on cold Autumn and Winter nights. This is also the perfect fragrance to wear for those intimate moments. This one has a strong scent and is not for everyone, so you m...More

    • Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

      by Ebenas

      This reminds me of the citrussy vetiver sweetish cologne smell that wafts around warm places, and it's said to be based on a hotel soap from Morocco, which I can well believe. One of the first things that hits me when I land in warm places like Spain...More

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