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  • Eau de Cartier Concentrťe by Cartier

    by Zealot Crusader

    Cartier seemed to jump on the unisex bandwagon a little late in the game with Eau de Cartier (2001), a light cologne-like concoction with a yuzu head and ambery white musk heart. Created by Christine Nagel (years before taking over as head perfume at...More

  • Cuir Garamante by MDCI

    by rogalal

    This came recommended by a trusted perfume friend and was really captivating on paper, so I had high hopes. The first hour or so is great. Rose over very dusty wood, dry but round. With blackberry on top and a really sharp musky petrol stabbing ...More

  • Tom Ford for Men by Tom Ford

    by Sniffers

    Overall, I get a nice citrusy-woody thing going on with a mostly orangey feel...fresh and aromatic...laid back and more classic vibe...not as in your face like some TF creations...too bad , because this lacks the longevity and projection...this smell...More

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