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    • Natsumeku by Parfum Prissana

      by farang

      On my skin it starts with a bit of yuzu and a neroli soapiness. I am not sure if the slight soapiness comes from the neroli or the hinoki wood since I am not familiar with how the hinoki smells. However since it is a cypress kind of tree, I probably ...More

    • Bracken Man by Amouage

      by Zealot Crusader

      The concept of a perfume house from Oman stepping into the shoes of the French to make a proper 19th century fougère fragrance - not a mid-century powdery barbershop fougère, a 1970's aromatic fougère, a 1980's musky floral fougère, or a 1990's "...More

    • Hot Fusion by Ronald Esper

      by speedracer

      Starts off with sweet violet leaves and a dusty, muskiness. That musky smell is a bit off-putting and dated, but the main detectable note is the sweet, clean violet leaves. Overall, this is a pleasant, everyday scent. As far as the violet leaves, ...More

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