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    • Voile de Jasmin by Bulgari

      by Redneck Perfumisto

      Pour Femme with a twist The clarity of jasmine Allowed to run wild Barging in on Rose Trampling on good Violet Muting Mimosa But oh, Dear Jasmine Frosted-glasses drama queen Puttin' on the show We sure are glad we Saved your Marshall'...More

    • Gypsy Water by Byredo

      by speedracer

      Light, airy citrus with creamy vanilla-amber woods. Very unisex and pleasant throughout. Smells almost commercially too good, like it’s something found in hotel soaps or shampoos. The vanilla in here is muted and more floral, not gourmand. The drydo...More

    • Magic : Dirty Trick by Viktor & Rolf

      by rogalal

      After trying this a few times, I don't think I really like it. It's got violets and iris on top, a nice, tried-and-true combination, but tries to change things up in the drydown, introducing a combination of pink pepper, vetiver, and suede that smel...More

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