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  • Luna by Paula Cahen d’Anvers

    by rbaker

    A white floral opening is evident, mainly orange blossom with a touch of muguet, rounded of pleasantly by an osmanthus impresssion. The drydown develops a woodsy core, with touches of a mild ambery notes that lacks any smokiness. Towards the...More

  • Cuir de Russie by Godet

    by Sniffers

    nice fresh leather...just a little animalic...enough of a gasoline vibe to be noticed , but not overdone...nice flowery accents with iris and violet leading the way...just a wee bit of smokiness...leather is up there as one of my favorite fragrance c...More

  • Or Black by Pascal Morabito

    by Zealot Crusader

    Here we have a strange creature made by a fairly strange designer. The name Morabito first became associated with leather and jewelry in 1905 with Jean-Baptiste Morabito, and although Pascal is in that family (even sharing the same logotype in his br...More

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