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  • Oud Flamboyant by Givenchy

    by Vmaster

    An opulent scent of leather, resinous labdanum and oud that seems to take me back in time to an ancient market with a leather tannery and an incense shop nearby that is sells oud. A weird experience. Oud Flamboyant is really comforting to wear. As wi...More

  • Just Me for Men by Paris Hilton

    by speedracer

    Smells good and can be found online cheap. It does resemble AdG, which is why this is still a good smell, but I prefer 360 Red as it smells better (to me) and performs better. Projection is only good for a couple hours. Longevity is average....More

  • Aspen for Men by Coty

    by speedracer

    At times, Aspen comes off a little harsh but I still find it pleasant and in that same green/fresh/clean vein as Cool Water/GIT. Aspen was the first fragrance I ever noticed and then asked someone what they were wearing. My older sister's boyfri...More

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