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    • Wildfox by Wildfox

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      I'd been wanting to try this for a couple of years. I finally got around to getting a travel size. I'll promptly be placing it in my "to sell" bin. Not much on top - mostly apricot. Eventually a greenish "booze" note surface...More

    • Eau Duelle Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      Sweet! Turns woody-sweet. Slight spice. Lots of vanilla here. A bit of saffron & juniper. So far, every note seems well-blended - hard to pick out individually. The sweetness stays throughout. It becomes powdery sugar on my skin. Vanilla ...More

    • Eau Sauvage Parfum (original) by Christian Dior

      by speedracer

      Starts off lemony and somewhat smokey-animalic. Very much old-school/masculine with some modern sweetness, but not much. Still feels mature. The drydown loses the citrus but pushes forward with an earthy-animalic smell that also has a dull sweetness ...More

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