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    • Cuir Intense by Guerlain

      by rbaker

      The leather is there in full force straight from the word “go.” It is a direct leather that is neither very smooth nor harsh; and I get neither any gasoline note not any significant heavy sweetness - this is not Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille. The ...More

    • FiDi by Bond No. 9

      by speedracer

      Sharp, sparkling citrus opening. Turns into dry, powdery sweetness with maybe a metallic touch not too long afterward. I find it to be similar to Pegasus in certain ways. This feels like a versatile, everyday fresh/clean, modern workhorse scent. G...More

    • Etienne Aigner by Etienne Aigner

      by drseid

      Etienne Aigner No.1 opens with a nose tingling bergamot and lemon tandem at the fore with warm nutmeg spice support spiked with some of the mossy green oakmoss enhanced leather from the base immediately detectable. As the composition moves to its ea...More

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