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    • L'Heure Bleue Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

      by rbaker

      The Bergamot and lemon start bright and fresh, with a bit of neroli adding a warm glow. So far, so good. This is counterbalanced by a darker and spicier - albeit restrainedly so - side, based on the triad of sage, coriander and anise; the latter is...More

    • Prison Blues by Ideo Parfumeurs

      by Constantine

      There is nothing wrong with this at all. I am sure some will give it a thumbs up. Citrusy, woody, peppery with a fresh promising open then settling down to a shade above generic. Initially I liked it on the opening but then the freshness went and I...More

    • Eau Capitale by Diptyque

      by Zealot Crusader

      Eau Capitale by Diptyque (2019) is a stunning modern interpretation of the 80's animalic rose chypre, and sits somewhere between a classic example of one like Montana Parfum de Peau (1986) and the bigger-boned animalic rose patchouli chypres like Est...More

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