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    • Purple Fig by Vilhelm Parfumerie

      by rogalal

      A mix of lemon and generic red fruit on top, saved from cheapness by the angelica seed, which makes thing a bit more chalky and "perfumey" for at least the first hour. Given time, it settles into a mix of strawberry and green tea that's ...More

    • First Instinct Together Man by Abercrombie & Fitch

      by speedracer

      Very similar to the very synthetic Invictus, maybe 80%, with the remaining 20% being sweetened by Azzaro Wanted by Night. Definitely a departure from the original First INstinct but still in the sweet, clean and fresh modern male realm. A little spic...More

    • Armani Priv Gardenia Antigua by Giorgio Armani

      by Lovescully

      My first impression is a very true to life gardenia heart note with light citrus, a touch of neroli in the top, and creamy musks in the base. Apparently there's Ambroxan here somewhere, but it's not readily apparent to my nose. Strangely, the notes ...More

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