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    • Patchouli Impérial by Christian Dior

      by Buzzlepuff

      Patchouli Imperial is a smooth and lyrical patchouli scent made stronger and drier with coriander and sandalwood. The sandalwood is powdery, sweet and very light and airy as if a dusting of white musk and a rose or two hides beneath the minty sharpn...More

    • Lalique White by Lalique

      by notspendingamillion

      Clean done right. Soapy clean. Dry in the opening with the white pepper and cedar in the dry down. Smells better than its price, read here smoother and less astringent. Dryer sheets is not a bad comparison. Projection on point for the genre, but woul...More

    • Bottega Veneta pour Homme by Bottega Veneta

      by notspendingamillion

      Smells nice. Kind of a classic cologne smell. Bergamot top with soapy leather, pine and sage. The citrus fades in about 30 minutes, and at its heart it is green soapy affair. It sits pretty quickly, and doesnt last all that long for its genre. But it...More

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