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  • Boss Sport by Hugo Boss

    by Bavard

    This has a bit of R de Capucci or Gucci Nobile in the opening, maybe Duc de Vervins L'Extreme, but not quite as polished or interesting, and then it fades from there. I have a mini of this that will likely last me forever. ...More

  • Alaļa by Azzedine Alaļa

    by Starblind

    Even worse than Narciso edp. Unidentifiable dry florals + a peppery, chemical mishmash that smells more irksome than bland. I'm having a hard time trying to imagine anyone paying money for this and deliberately wearing it....More

  • Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez

    by Starblind

    The perfect iteration of an upscale mall scent. This and Alaia's new frag smell like tear out magazine samples and/or Sephora encapsulated. Bland, uninspiring, and utterly artificial-smelling. A plastic perfume for people who don't really like perfum...More

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