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    • Joop! Homme by Joop!

      by Reventon

      Sorry for the verbosity. This ended up being more impactful on me than I expected. Unusually for someone born in the early 80s, I never got much exposure to this scent, because it just wasn't my dad's deal. Mum would occasionally splurge to get d...More

    • Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene

      by Reventon

      Love this. I purchased it largely on the strength of reviews here, as usual with Zealot Crusader's featuring a very good technical breakdown. I would recommend his review for an on point analysis, but hopefully I can contribute some useful info. ...More

    • Cumaru by L'Occitane

      by rbaker

      Vanilla and sandalwood are the core notes of this creation. The vanilla is dominant, has an ambery touch, but it is not too strong, and the wood notes compliment it nicely. After the initial a phase a pleasant light spiciness arises, mainly a no...More

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