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    • Rose Atlantic by D.S. & Durga

      by flathorn

      First off, I like the name - it conjures up a certain feel for me. I’ve tried plenty of others for the same reason that didn’t pan out, but Rose Atlantic did. It’s a light, fresh sea-air rose, delicate, subtle and long-lasting. The sea air isn’t ...More

    • Beloved Man by Amouage

      by Constantine

      The thumbs up is as a result of my maturation on this forum showing my ability to appreciate something that is done very very well despite the fact I would not buy it. This is probably the best barber shop fragrance I have smelt. Deliciously refined...More

    • Risqué pour Homme by Roja Dove

      by Constantine

      I thought long and hard about this one. It's almost there. I want to love it. But its just too feminine and sweet. There I've said it. Peach and incense. Projects strongly for a couple of hours, lasts 5-6 hours. Smells great on my wife, conversely n...More

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