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    • Oud Picante by Areej le Doré

      by JBS1

      I just can't believe how gorgeous my Oud Picante has aged. I'm a little dumbfounded , but with a simple pleasant smile . It's nice when things turn out like this....More

    • Walimah by Areej le Doré

      by JBS1

      Like most all of Russian Adam's work,my Walimah attar is maturing beautifully. Outstanding value....More

    • Alien Man Fusion by Thierry Mugler

      by Darvant

      Significantly nasty woody/leathery/spicy-aromatic synth (common) formula. Similar to many nasty Armani, Ferrè, Azzaro, Prada or Issey Miyake of new generation. Coffee provides a tad of metallic vibe, the rest is usual minty cedary synth saffrony leat...More

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