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    • Scent of Oger by Creed

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      Bergamot and mint, with juicy grapefruit, and a lemony goodness. I think of hard candies; the little fruit-shaped ones I'd buy in round tins, years ago. Good, sour notes. The mint quickly disappeared, then revealed itself again moments later, alon...More

    • Greenwich Village by Bond No. 9

      by Francop

      Pleasant synthetic fragrance full of aroma chemicals which determine longevity on each wearer... Full bottle worthy? Not sure......More

    • Fragrance One : Office for Men by Jeremy Fragrance

      by speedracer

      The opening has me going back and forth between Sauvage and Aventus, kinda like X Batch but not near as fruity, but it quickly settles to something like Bleu de Chanel, Dylan Blue and Polo Blue EdP. Farther into the drydown, it feels more and more li...More

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