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    • English Cherry Blossom by Shay & Blue

      by rogalal

      An unremarkable strawberry/melon fruity floral. The sparkling aldehydes on top raised my hopes, but there's no real depth here, just commonplace fruit cheapness, like a supermarket shampoo. ...More

    • United Arab Emirates by Roja Dove

      by Sniffers

      This is some killer stuff...seems like ive smelled a gazillion rose/oud combos , some good , some bad , but this is one of the best ive had the pleasure to smell...unlike others , i get the oud more than anything else...its a delicious oud with no me...More

    • B-612 by Nishane

      by speedracer

      B-612 is an impressive modern fougere. Fresh, clean, peppery opening. Some modern sweetness starts to come in a few minutes later. The heart of the scent is a woody fougere with its nostalgic, dusty woods and earthy green notes. Smells very m...More

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