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    • Acqua di Giò Profumo by Giorgio Armani

      by mistersurgery

      I have to say, Alberto Morillas really did a bang-up job making the original better. I was never able to wear the original -- and a bunch of other aquatics -- because dihydromyrcenol, the big "aquatic" note in many aquatics, does not wea...More

    • Mojave Ghost by Byredo

      by rbaker

      A slightly ambery fruitiness in the opening is followed by a white floral note the drydown. Later on a bit of a generic violet occurs and in the base a nonspecific woodsiness emerges, mixed with a bit of residual fruitiness. I get weak sillag...More

    • Purple Oud by Christian Dior

      by Buzzlepuff

      Warm pink pepper, saffron and orange oil fronts a somber inward contemplating woods note that feels smoothe and clear with a hint of clear patchouli. Very pleasant everyday orange wood scent. This is not a big imposing Oud but a pleasant “feel good”...More

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