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    • Samba Skin Man by Perfumer's Workshop

      by Brooks Otterlake

      I won't bury the lede: Samba Skin Man (2014) is impressively good, and not just "for the price." Samba Skin Man offers an intelligent and interpretation of the "sweet tobacco" trend, an imitator, of sorts, of Tobacco Vanille and P...More

    • Missoni (original) / Missoni Donna by Missoni

      by theladymay

      Original Missoni is a terrific woody chypre with an Oriental feel. Bergamot opens into a rich, honeyed raspberry-rose-iris-geranium melange, all on a somewhat skanky, leathery base of civet, oakmoss, and styrax. Complex, dirty, sexy stuff. If you're ...More

    • Aenotus by Puredistance

      by FumeHood

      A gorgeous and enveloping citrus. Cool and fresh notes dominate from top to base, though the overall effect is to wrap you in you in a warm buzz that (in my experience) lasts much longer than other complaints would lead you to believe. True, this...More

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