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    • Jade by Olivier Durbano

      by Sniffers

      menthol/minty spicy tea brewed real strong with mint leaves and spices floating in it...drinking this aromatic brew kicked back in a log cabin with the breeze blowing in the smell of outside greenery...after little while the smell of fl...More

    • Koh-i-Noor by Areej le Doré

      by Zephyr1973

      This is seriously intense - and has incredible longevity! It's a very rich natural musk/floral composition that has so many "stages" it's more similar to an Opera than anything I can properly compare it to. There is an incredible REAL...More

    • Arrogance pour Homme (original) by Arrogance

      by Sniffers

      first time I sprayed this on I thought , Kouros...this was a dead ringer to me...I even though I accidentally had sprayed Kouros instead of Arrogance...did a side by side, and still smelled close...slowly but surely , every time I wore this I started...More

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