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    • Aoud Blue Notes by Mancera

      by Sniffers

      Starts out as a zingy/fresh citrusy/fruity/flowery candied concoction , but well balanced and not overly sweet...get a nice semi-aquatic vibe...settles down to a nice woody leather with hints of musk and vanlla...the sweetness pretty much takes a bac...More

    • Scent by Costume National

      by speedracer

      Smells like a clear hand soap in the opening. The drydown is a pleasant, clean amber, nothing special. The whole thing is very light and airy. Not much projection ever but it does last on your skin all day. ...More

    • Madame X by Possets

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      Musky. Coconut cream. Candle wax (in a good way). Creamy vanilla. Woodwind, musical instrument, cork grease accord. Unusual and very pretty....More

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