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  • Roberto Cavalli Uomo by Roberto Cavalli

    by speedracer

    Not seeing any cardamom listed but this seems like a serviceable La Nuit stand-in and maybe closer to Bvlgari Man in Black. I do get the honey note. It's not the featured note or even loud enough to reference this as a honey-frag, but it's there....More

  • Bel Respiro Eau de Parfum by Chanel

    by Bavard

    This is a major reformulation from the edt, and not for the better. It might have a more naturally sweet smell to some of the floral notes, but the character of the fragrance has gone from alluring suede to more of a shampoo and shower gel smell. ...More

  • Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    by Zealot Crusader

    Musc Ravageur (2000) is an interesting and very successful attempt at making musk without a typical white musk molecule, removing the "laundry" aspect of most modern musks and creating something oriental, fatty, and animalic like the musks ...More

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