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    • Polo Blue Gold Blend by Ralph Lauren

      by speedracer

      The opening is very similar to Polo Blue EdP and seems redundant, except for a little extra fruity sweetness. However, wait for the drydown as Blue Gold Blend starts to reveal the darker incense and patchouli. It's not much and it stays pretty clos...More

    • Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue by Versace

      by mistersurgery

      Versace's Dylan Blue is a confusing jumble that actually works...kind of. What this seems to be, in my opinion, is if you took the many-noted and complex John Varvatos by John Varvatos (2004) and mixed it in a cocktail shaker with "aquatic&qu...More

    • Équipage by Hermès

      by 2nosedtwin

      Euipage - Hermes (vintage) Best use of cinnamon in a perfume ever? A quiet, dry and almost cool one that interlinks the anisic note of clary sage, the warm spices, herbs and soft-balsamic smoky wood together. Equipage maintains an evenly and perfect...More

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