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    • Bois de Rhodes by Creed

      by N.CAL Fragrance Reviewer

      This is NOT a review but an actual impression from another individual back in 2003 who had the opportunity to try the fragrance. I felt it was important to preserve some sort of context about the fragrance as there is NO information this fragrance an...More

    • Cologne Intense Collection : Myrrh & Tonka by Jo Malone London

      by speedracer

      Myrrh & Tonka starts off like a mixed drink (amaretto sour) and finishes like a dusty-vanilla coke. I would call this a gourmand because it's very edible from start to finish. Performance is okay with soft projection that occasionally makes i...More

    • Aromatics in Black by Clinique

      by Darvant

      Tested it just on the paper unfortunately. Anyway, if you are nostalgic of classic "White/Musky/Aldehyidic" scents a la Cacharel LouLou, Anais Anais, vintage D&G Pour Femme, Parah or Dior Addict, Aromatics In Black could bè a more simp...More

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