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    • Musc al Madina by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

      by rbaker

      A complex tapestry of aromas strikes me tight from the beginning: a nice geranium as the main floral, mixed with a vetiver that is not really night and that lacked any earthiness; this is a smooth vetiver. A touch of artemisia with its bitterness pr...More

    • Ombre Nomade by Louis Vuitton

      by speedracer

      Ombre Nomade is a very nice and classy rose-oud-leather. It's more accessible than many of the in-your-face rose-ouds. The leather really gives it a masculine lean. I get a lot of leather in this, which is hit or miss with me, but enjoy this mor...More

    • Copper by Comme des Garçons

      by rogalal

      In true CDG fashion, Copper starts off pretty wild, smelling like a mix of clove and cinnamon, but surrounded with ozone and hot electricity. It's also got a sappy, milky thickness to it, which adds to the weirdness. For this opening, it's like som...More

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