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    • Beautiful by Estée Lauder

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      A beautiful, deep floral. Lots of rose and tuberose. I think it's a heavier flower scent, more suited for wintertime. Has a woody, green base. One of Estee lauder's classics....More

    • Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

      by speedracer

      Boozy vanilla, tobacco, something sweet and fruity like a plum or raisin covered in cocoa powder. Good projection, can get compliments with even minimal sprays, which is probably better because it can be overwhelming. Excellent longevity. Las...More

    • Windsor by Creed

      by rbaker

      The slightly boozy opening in delicious, with the fresh lime being given additional depth and substance by the woodsy pine undertone. The drydown develops a lovely rose, which soon is overwhelmed by an intensive, nigh Hammam-Bouquet (the original...More

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