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  • Cabochard by Grès

    by Zealot Crusader

    There's a pretty big story behind Cabochard de Grés (1959), which is appropriate given this is a big, big perfume. Alix "Madame" Grés herself returned from a trip to India and imagined a perfume that captured her memories of the experience....More

  • Rose Silk by Unknown

    by HouseOfPhlegethon

    Very minimal floral fragrance. Wears close to the skin. Equal parts magnolia and rose. Delicate....More

  • Escentric 01 by Escentric Molecules

    by speedracer

    I get light sweet woody notes with a little bit of tea in the opening. Also, there's a pepperiness or dirtiness to it that pulls it back to being acceptably masculine. Feels like an all-weather scent that works for most occasions to me. I get ...More

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