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  • Jasmal by Creed

    by rbaker

    This is a lovely jasmine composition. The jasmine is present right form the start, is rich but elegantly restrained and never sets a foot wrong. In the early stages the bergamot adds a fresh touch, being in the background on my skin at least. ...More

  • Lost in Flowers by Strangelove NYC

    by Sniffers

    Kind of like someone covered the barnyard with flower petals to mask the smell...being a huge fan and collector of animalic fragrances I find this fragrance very my slowly learning nose this smells like a quality oud...not sure if its ...More

  • Un Homme by Charles Jourdan

    by Zealot Crusader

    Charles Jourdan, much like Christobal Balenciaga, would ultimately become much better known for shoes in the modern era than anything else, and just like the late Balenciaga, would not live to see any masculine perfumes bear his name (although Balenc...More

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