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    • Ursa by Tiziana Terenzi

      by speedracer

      Reminds me of Straight to Heaven. Has that airy, woody, wet hay smell. Big performance on minimal sprays for me. Big, loud opening that lasts for a few hours before settling down. The drydown isn’t as loud but the scent remains the same, except s...More

    • Cattleya Flower Body Mist by Jo Malone London

      by rbaker

      The orchid I get right from the start. Is is not very vivid, but a pleasant and quite recognisable orchid impression that remains as the backbone of the development until the end. Initially I get an undertone of citrus - mandarin and lemon main...More

    • parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Zagorsk by Comme des Garçons

      by Sniffers

      When it opens , if I put my nose up close it hits me like cold metallic ctrus...if I step back , I smell laundry musk and pencil shavings...I'm Russian , and I guess theres different variations of Russian Orthodox churches... In my church the priest ...More

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