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  • Island Life for Him by Tommy Bahama

    by speedracer

    Fresh, fizzy and clean. Almost soapy clean and has a shower gel lean to it but still smells pleasant and natural. Great for casual/warm weather wear. Thumbs up for the smell alone, the wife and I really like it. The big issue is the performanc...More

  • Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

    by Zealot Crusader

    Le Mâle is a very important fragrance, and indeed a very controversial fragrance, in the world of perfume. This was Jean-Paul Gaultier's debut masculine and it set the world alight with it's bizzare tin can packaging and risqué muscular male torso bo...More

  • Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

    by Zealot Crusader

    Tom Ford followed up his eponymous masculine two years later with a scent that seemed at once drawn from even older inspirational sources but also less of an anachronism. Tom Ford for Men (2007) was just a suicide sundae of notes (in place of ice cre...More

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