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    • Soul by Costume National

      by speedracer

      Lots of dark, rich amber and vanilla, with some oud and incense in the background. Not a young or playful scent, this is mature, dressed-up and serious. It also feels better suited to cold-weather. Good, basic projection and longevity....More

    • Bal ŕ Versailles by Jean Desprez

      by HauteParfumGourmand

      Copied from my Fragrantica review ~2018 -BASED ON THE ORIGINAL 60's FORMULA (15ml extrait)- (Apparently BaV was a reissue of "debutante a versailles", allegedly released in France in 1941, but then marketed for international release in ...More

    • Replica Beach Walk by Martin Margiela

      by Kitty2Shoes

      Nice coconut-suntan lotion opening with heavy musky florals. Sadly the lotion scent lasted maybe 1 hour and it finally died down at the 2 hour mark altogether. Surprisingly a very nice perfume but longevity was so poor I'm going to place it with...More

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