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    • Pharrell Williams GIRL by Comme des Garçons

      by Darvant

      Pharrell Williams Girl opens quite zesty, aromatic, saffronish and peppery, with this humid and vibrant synth spicy/fruity violet which seems to bè quickly the main spicy theme of the exuberant (yet un-original) olfactory fatigue. The fruity element ...More

    • Encens Chypre by Sultan Pasha

      by Sniffers

      juicy lime with flavors of oud...breathtakingly beautiful and aromatic...a tapestry of flowers appears and disappears , over and over...some rose and, dare I say , a " gentle "'s like a chypre that wants to be an Oriental and a...More

    • Oud Stars : Zanzibar by Xerjoff

      by Sniffers

      to my nose , barnyard oud for sure...but , I'm a fan of this kind of fragrance , so I'm diggin' it...herbal green tobacco smell...barnyard slowly fades away and get woody dry tobacco with a little less oud and a little touch of sweet peach...the wood...More

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