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    • Onyx Pearl by Agonist

      by rogalal

      Oh gawd no! This kicks off ultra-mainstream with that lame Axe body spray top with the mix of grape candy and Windex, with a bit of artificial oud hiding beneath. Given time, as the grape fades, you get a bit of clary sage in its place, still engul...More

    • Uomo Noir Absolu by Valentino

      by speedracer

      Big, loud, spicy/pepper iris opening . This lasts for 3-4 hours. Afterwards, the drydown is a smooth, creamy sandalwood. Feels best for date night in colder weather. Excellent projection and longevity is good....More

    • Shades Wood by Armaf

      by speedracer

      Hmm, I don't hate it but it is tough to love. Lots of spicy oud and rose in the opening. Reminds me of many middle eastern scents that I've tried. In the style of a Montale. I see cumin listed but don't detect it, which is a good thing for me. A...More

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