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  • Nombre Noir by Shiseido

    by Sniffers

    I tried to put all expectations aside and approach this like smelling any other sample...the first 30 seconds or so hit my nose like the vinegary aldehyde opening of Balenciaga pour Homme...I then get a steady buildup of rose with the rooty/bitterish...More

  • Sunshine Man by Amouage

    by speedracer

    Reminds me of sweet, sugary, dried fruit. Does have similarities with Baccarat Rouge 540, at least to me. There's also this very dry, almost burned cedar that gives it a slight mid-eastern feel. THere's also some powderiness in the drydown. The sc...More

  • Coach Leatherware No. 01 by Coach

    by epapsiou

    Stardate 20180822: To me this is a cousin of vintage Fahrenheit with some boot polish in addition to the normal petrol. The leathery aspect comes from the boot polish. Good stuff. ...More

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