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    • Charlatan by Fort and Manlé

      by scenttastic

      This is wonderful. I don’t get much chocolate from this, but I do get sweet musky rose, juicy pear, a beautiful sandalwood and an absolutely stunning amber. Longevity is amazing – one spray from my sample bottle this morning, and eight hours later ...More

    • Harem Rose by Fort and Manlé

      by scenttastic

      Beautiful. A soft, musky, dusty rose, underlain with a slight woody note and a touch of incense. It’s not your usual rose scent, not by a long shot. This is not a young, fresh rose – it’s a deeper, darker, more mysterious rose scent. I don’t pict...More

    • Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

      by Zealot Crusader

      Salvador Dali was certainly one of, if not the most eccentric and avant-garde artist of the 20th century, extending his artistic expression not only on multiple fronts, but through developing personas of his female muses, and his own self-made person...More

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